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The pisello nano
The pisello nano
The Festival of  the Pisello Nano, more correctly Pisello Verdone Nano, is held yearly in may in the Veneto Region, in Colognola ai Colli, near Verona. The City of Colognola ai Colli is located 14 kilometers east of Verona. It is on the road to San Bonifacio right at the entrance of Val [...]

02 September 2015
A glass of...Trentino wine
A glass of...Trentino wine
A glass of.... Teroldego Rotaliano Doc It is defined as the “Prince” of the wines of the Trentino Region, because it originates from the grapevine of the same name.  Teroldego is grown on the soil of the plain named “Piana Rotaliana”, in particular in the municipal [...]

20 July 2015
That "cuneo" (wedge) in the alpine landscape
The town takes its name from the shape of the plateau on which it is located, a wedge where the  Gesso Torrent meets the Stura River. Cuneo has its origins here, in a majestic scenography. It is an ancient Piedmontese town, the origin of which goes back to the 1200's. Cuneo with its large [...]

17 July 2015
Cheeses of Brescia
Cheeses of Brescia
Surrounded by the valleys, mountains, hills and lakes, the province of Brescia is a perfect place to taste the cheese, an ingredient used heavily in local cuisine, but also the protagonist of the plates for appetizers and real bellyful at the end or in the middle of the meal. "In the province of [...]

14 July 2015
A taste of Piedmont
A taste of Piedmont
The enogastronomia of Piedmont is very rich in flavours and traditions. The landscape and climate variety of the region has led to the differentiation in the cuisine of the different geographical areas. The rice-growing provinces have a kitchen similar to that of the Lombardy region. Among them [...]

25 June 2015
Groppello DOC
Groppello DOC
It is the most typical wine of Valtènesi, the new DOC of the Brescian Riviera which saw its official debut during the last Vinitaly. A delicate red and ready to drink, spicy with fruity, velvety and pleasant that arises from a bunch of a closed form, similar to a pine cone. The name Groppello [...]

24 June 2015
Pici and pappardelle, typical pasta of Cortona
Pici and pappardelle, typical pasta of Cortona
The pici, the pasta of former days "It's a peasant and poor pasta, because once there was no money. The housewives made pasta when they came home (without the eggs, since it was too expensive). Also the bread was homemade. "The speaker is Ms Lilli of Cortona, in the kitchen of the Signorelli [...]

26 September 2014
Amarone in the culture
Amarone in the culture
"A wine in fashion but beyond fashion” in this way Antonello Maietta, the national President of the Italian Sommelier Association and Vice President of the Worldwide Sommelier Association has defined it. Appreciated because it is "deeply rooted, and the tradition is always in fashion". Soft [...]

10 June 2014
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