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Pork with honey and valeriana salad

Pork with honey and valeriana salad

Ingredients for 4 persons

500 g  pork roast
150 g  valeriana
40 g  chestnut honey
4 spoons Vicenza pear “mostarda”
15 g  rosemary needles
one fresh sprig of rosemary
30 g  extra virgin olive oil medium fruity
salt as needed


I tie the meat to make it uniform, and I put it in a rectangular pan, season it with honey, a little salt, fresh rosemary, two spoons of oil and I work it very well for four minutes. Then I put it in the refrigerator and let it marinate for 48 hours (turning it every eight hours). After this period of time, I place the meat on an oven grill, under which I place a bowl of water to catch the dripping fat, and cook it, turning it once in a while. Once ready I season it with a spoon of olive oil and fresh rosemary, then I wrap it very tightly in aluminum foil and also in transparent film to form a kind of second skin: then I let it cool down in the fast cooler. Once cold, I unwrap and vacuum pack it. At the moment of serving, I cut it in thin slices and serve as a cold cut salami (also warm if preferred), together with a bowl of valeriana salad and Vicenza pear mostarda, or with chicory sautèed in a frying pan. I wish also to mention another possible method for cooking the pork, that is steam cooking, where only in the final phase the pork is browned at high temperature. In fact, with steam cooking the meat does not lose the fluids, but tends to attract more of them. It has to be kept in mind that, as for all sugars, honey becomes caramel at rather low temperature, therefore we have to pay attention not to  keep the temperature so high that the honey becomes dark.

The comment of the chef

Light pork is found on the market, a lean meat which is cooked with the same method as any other lean product. The suggestion is to discover new cuts on the market, like rump or the anterior cuts. Then, of course, we can dare more by choosing high-quality pork, such as Nero Casertano, Cinta Senese, Sant'Arcangelo di Brolo, in the province of Messina.
09 July 2015
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