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Andrea Pirlo: passion for wine and football

Andrea Pirlo: passion for wine and football

He’s called “The Master” and definitely he is a master when we talk about soccer excellence. His career is no secret and his goals and achievements are famous worldwide. Yet, that is not all! Who are we talking about? Andrea Pirlo, the soccer player of Juventus who, after playing for Milan, five years ago was left without a contract and a new team to choose. He chose Juventus and won four championships.

Now the reader is wondering, what does Andrea Pirlo have to do with wine and food? Simple. Unlike most of his colleagues, who at the end of their career all over Europe stop working and don’t know what to do with their handsome profits, Andrea Pirlo, grown up in Brescia, has provided for his future: the land! The inevitable choice for a smart and cautious person. In 2007, with his family’s support Andrea Pirlo took over a little property close to his father’s hometown, in Flero and precisely in Coler, nearby Brescia.
The farm “Pratum Coller” took his name from this particular area, whose acreages were already reserved for vineyard. Now Pirlo’s family is working to restore nature’s balance and to preserve the environment and its history.

The small village of Coler is located one and a half kilometre from Flero, south Brescia. The headquarters of the farm “Pratum Coller”, near Pirlo’s dad’s hometown, is here and took its name from this place.

The vineyard and wines.
Obviously, the management of the vineyard includes only organic agriculture and the use of environmentally-friendly products. Pratum Coller has 3,5 hectares of 30-years-old vines, 2,5 hectares of 10-years old vines and 1,5 hectar started since 2010.

They grow typical wines of this area: Marzemino, Merlot, Barbera and Sangiovese, Pinot nero, Syrah, Petit verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The white type is called Trebbiano di Lugana.

The strong points of these wines? Surely the low profit per hectare. The main wines are Nĭtŏr and Arduo. The white ones have outputs of 50 q/h and the red ones 40 q/h. Their selected grapes come from the oldest vines.

28 July 2015
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