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Admire dawn in the Dolomites

Admire dawn in the Dolomites

The experience of the Italian mountains under the snow is a must.  Every place has its own magic moment: we are going to tell you about one of them, the Brenta Dolomites. The Paganella district permits one to observe the dawn from an altitude of over 2000 m. Paganella is a peak located in the Trento Province, which includes some mountain resort towns like Andalo, Molveno and Fai della Paganella.
In these locations, besides skiing and snow-boarding on unspoiled snow, it is possible to move around on snow-shoes through the forests of the Adamello-Brenta Park, accompanied by an alpine guide. Walking through the silent forest, one can learn to live nature in the snow and to recognize the animal tracks, the vegetation and all the secrets of the woods. It is a very stimulating experience, which allows us to go back to a more human and natural dimension of time and events, and to appreciate the real value of discovery, of adventure and magic in a natural landscape full of emotions. For those who love animals, there is another experience to be had: dog sledding, a stroll through the mountains on a sled pulled by Siberian huskies. The adventure with the dogsled - one of the many which can be tried in the enchanting scenery of the Dolomites - is organized starting from the center of Andalo, a charming little town up in the pinnacles of the Dolomites and in the forests of Paganella Peak.  We must not forget the tastes of the area: honey, biological products of the local farms, cheese and yogurt from the local mountain huts are the gastronomic stages of a vacation among the flavors and scents of the Paganella Plateau.

13 July 2015
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